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I’ve learned that … People will forget what you said.  People will forget what you did.

 But people NEVER forget… HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL.….

Music by dreamer is the answer.


She is everywhere and nowhere. #Independent.

In Prague in just three years she played all the best clubs, bars and events.

She has lived in Prague from the age of 16. Musical culture has been stagnant there for years. Strong ambition in a petite girl gives off a surprising contradictory impression, unique vibe, original sound, and electric atmosphere. But she goes further than that. You can heard her unique sound for example in Prague’s Duplex and sometimes at Roxy Prague.

 She has been a resident of the Hilton – Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge for over three years. Her repertoire has been a part of the Vinyl bar program since its opening. She also played in Bugsy’s bar. She worked closely with the Kotva department store and has played on prestigious presentations for Vanguard – best loft complex in Europe. She was featured in the Prague Fashion week as well as on Airmax day for Nike company.
Kao has own specific style with a distinctive storyline

Kao attained her passion for music at the early age of 6, when she began singing and rhythmically banging on anything that made a cool sound. Since then Kao has been keenly watching the evolution of music eager to one day join.
In 2004 she when she was 12 years old she realized her love for music and established her goal to penetrate the music industry, no matter the price.
In 2007 she began to familiarize herself around the music scene until she finally learned to play and began her training.
In 2014 she started appearing and playing at public places and her biggest achievement so far is the establishment of collaborations with the brands like Cartier, Chivas Regal, ELLE, PSN, Longchamp, Nike, Topshop, Vogue, Soho, Becherovka, Palladium, OD Kotva, NYX, Hilton hotels, Vanguard, Dancing house Prague.

Now, after seven years, she is independent and fulfilling her dreams..

Kao Oui is currently writing a book about the paradox of the positive effects of music on the brain, in contrast to the depressive impact of nightlife on the artists body and mind. As well as possibilities and options on how to deal with it.

She needed a kind of restart and so she created a project: RESTART – “Back to the roots” livestream. From creating new environments for her music to blossom, looking for a connection between music, healing and positivity.

Music is the key to happiness and in it, Kao has found her own key to fulfilling all her goals and dreams. By booking KAO OUI, not only will you have the perfect music for your event or presentation but you can also feel generous that you played a part in supporting this project.


Just dreamer.  Just Kao Oui .

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