It’s amazing how people get together when everything really goes to the hell. From my personal belief I do not use the term Apocalypse, because it has not yet occurred in my opinion. At least not here in the Czech Republic. It is obvious now that the music industry has stopped completely primarily in Europe, but concerts and tours are canceled all over the world.

save the world 2Let say that for us citizens of the Czech Republic from a historical point of view, it is not at all pleasant to have closed borders. It gives rise to fear, panic and unpleasant restrictive feelings.  However, it is important to note that in this time it is for our good and healthy future.

when everythin falls


Although our governments have a good response and prevention score, we’re talking about airports, closing schools and introducing home schools, closing gyms, theaters and cinemas, clubs, bars and pubs, limiting restaurants to only delivery service or so-called window sales. And of course cancellation of any events throughout the country until further notice. Even so, our government is lagging behind, for example, in the supply of respiratory masks and other prevention and measures. If our nation is not stupid and so far, according to the first days in Prague shows that Covid19 is taken quite seriously. There is no need for panic and large-scale food supply. While Italy is experiencing dramatic agony, it was the music that brought them together to give them hope for a better tomorrow.





Even in the most desperate times, music can lift the spirits — as some Italian neighbours have proven by singing together in harmony from behind closed doors. Residents in Siena, a city in Tuscany, leaned out of their windows and broke into song on Thursday evening in a moment captured in a video posted on Twitter. The video, which has been liked over 77,000 times and shared more than 23,000 times, was taken by a local who said they were singing to “warm their hearts” during the quarantine.

If you have a personality like me, you are crazy and you are afraid of suspecting any virus, you are scaring everything, especially strangers, but you can not always be closed at home because after a while you start to fool and crazy. I have some tips for you not to go crazy.



❥ I have a super duper playlist for you.


      • All you have to do is add it to your favorites to support it.    Feel free to share it with your friends. 
      • Kao Oui – SPOTIFY


❥ Know your facts


      • Instead of scrolling through social media for your information, pick one or two reliable news sources to check for updates. Mute topics related to COVID19 on Twitter, and if the virus keeps popping up in the other feeds, try to keep your social media limited.


❥ Meditate


      • Keeping a consistent meditation practice helps us to see scary thoughts for what they are; just thoughts. A meditation practice can help us manage our thoughts before they become panic or anxiety spirals.


❥ Track and unpack your thoughts


      • There´s  a difference between being scared and prepared. Handle what´s in your control and learn to recongnize what´s not. Notice if you´re  catastrophizing, fortune telling, or other thinking traps.


❥ Be prepared within reason 


      • It doesn´t hurt to have good habits in place. Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and for when soap and water aren´t available, carry hand sanitizer.


❥ Plan for what you can 


      • Whether it´s school, work, travel, or something else, it´s good to think through your plan. It´s also a time to be compassionate – to yourself and others. As we grapple with closing, cancellations, and social distancing, some things may look and feel different for people. Someone you were hoping to see may need to care for a family member. Being flexible and understanding will help ease the anxiety of others.


❥ Be good to your body 


      • If you feeling stressed, the best thing you can do it is treat your body right. Drink water, get enough rest, spend time in nature, eat healthy, and engage in activities that help reduce stress like talking with your friends on facetime and LISTEN my playlist on Spotify and of course share with your friends! ❥


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