We have set up an account on patreon, we will use this platform for a better insight into the life of DJ Kao Oui.

You can enjoy exclusive content, backstage videos, interviews with interesting people, excerpts from the book about the paradox of the positive effects of music on the brain, in contrast to the depressive impact of nightlife on the artists body and mind. As well as possibilities and options on how to deal with it.

Livestreams with private events, photos from behind the scenes. thanks to the subscription, you will get a perfect view of the DJ’s life and many more.

Patreon Membership

You have a choice of three packages :

  • Looker-on – For all Kao Oui fans, for inspiration. Exclusive music mix ideal for setting the mood, in the car, in the store, for a walk. Each set has its own atmosphere and mood. By subscribing to this you will get access to all sets for free download. As a bonus, you get access to exclusive content from behind the scenes. (Free download audio mix by Kao Oui, Behind-the-scenes content)
  • Dreamers community – Get a greater insight into Kao’s life. By choosing this package, you will get not only an exclusive livestream from a private party. Access to the catalog of all recordings, a behind-the-scenes view of the projects  working on. But also the possibility of a guestlist at special events. Livestream from private party. Patron-only polls. Behind-the-scenes content, Free download audio mix by Kao Oui.
  • VIP Patron – More than an experience. Thanks to your generous donation, you will become a part of Kao Oui projects. You will get preferential access to events, tickets with VIP price, competitions for guestlists at events where Kao Oui will play the following year. Full access to the catalog of all recordings, livestreams from a private events, a look behind the scenes and lots of bonus creative content.

All online content is being moved to the patreon platform, where Kao Oui will be looking forward to seeing you personally. If you have any questions about making music, how to get engaged in clubs, or other questions about djing, you can use a special package that will be released at the end of November together with a webinar on the topic: how I did it. (Level VIP Patron)

In the shortest possible time, special playlists will be released for special events. Playlists will be available at the Dreamers community and VIP Patron level.

Private personal confession from feelings and thoughts, from interesting and unusual moments and experiences. (VIP Patron)



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