Pioneer DJ doesn’t do as many “alternative paint job” releases as they used to – but now they introduced a brand new look for their top-of-line NXS2 club rig. Keep reading for the details!

The Limited Edition renting is possible for the Czech Republic by Aiffel records. 


As with a few of the other paint jobs in the past, these all-white CDJ and DJM are a limited run. Pioneer DJ likes to have super-exclusive runs, and the numbers in this production run are incredibly low – here’s what the press release shares:

We’re releasing exclusive new versions of our flagship multiplayer and DJ mixer in a brilliant white finish. A strictly limited run of 1,200 CDJ-2000NXS2- W decks (200 for the USA) will be produced, along with 600 DJM-900NXS2- W mixers (100 for the USA). Each unit will be stamped with a distinctive plaque featuring a unique serial number.

You can also purchase this special edition through Aiffel Records with a special price. (only cz)
Please do not hesitate to write for more information.

This white setup rent I recommend for special events, fashion shows and design presentations. You will not regret.

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