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The most modern club in Prague. Epic was epic!

Epic is Prague’s most modern multi-genre music club with focus on electronic dance music. You’ll find the club at Revoluční 3, just a short distance from Dlouhá street. Twenty-five hundred square metres are spread over 3 underground floors, with 2 floors for guests and one for technical equipment.

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5 Life Lessons I Learned From Being a DJ by Liz Ohanesian

It sounded like a joke. There was no way that my favorite DJ, Jason Lavitt, was trying to reach me. He was the tall guy in the booth who would make us dance at the goth club Helter Skelter, with big helpings of Marc Almond and a dash of The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. I was just an anonymous girl in black, on a dance floor that was always veiled in red lights and cigarette smoke.

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