In what’s becoming something of a trend, another popular electronic dance musician threw a virtual rave for fans to enjoy from the comfort of their homes, and for free! Jacob Stanczak, better known as bass music extraordinaire Kill The Noise, teamed up with the people behind the Wave virtual reality platform to put on a live performance in an immersive virtual environment. Dance Music NW joined in on some of the fun, and got to see how the latest version of the Wave platform holds up!

The show

Logging into a Wave party is always a slightly futuristic feeling. Real-life players, controlling virtual avatars, can be seen drifting about- playing with different items that create really cool visual effects when used. Players chatted with each other about the music, just like in real concert settings.

At the center of the stage, Kill The Noise’s digital avatar mimicked his real-life movements in real-time. He’d talk with the crowd- as if we were really in front of him. All the while, he threw down a DJ set with the same energy that one would experience during a live performance. There were also tons of ways to interact with the environment, and with other attendees.

What’s next?

Virtual reality is quickly becoming a popular way for artists to bring fans together and boost engagement, and Wave VR is at the forefront of making this happen.

The Wave VR is definitely becoming one of our favorite venues for catching dance music from the comfort of our homes. Just a few weeks ago, we attended Kill The Noise’s virtual concert. Before that, we talked about Rezz debuting her latest EP in the same virtual reality video game. Virtual reality live shows have also taken place on Minecraft and Fortnite.

It is therefore time to ask the question becomes virtual reality part of the music scene in the future? Virtual reality becomes a condition for success in the music industry?

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